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417 & 462 Visa Tax Returns

As part of the conditions of a 417 & 462 visas you must lodge a tax return annually. The Australian income tax year starts 1 July and ends on 30 June the next year. You will need to complete a tax return by 31 October after the end of the income tax year.

Coming to another country to work and lodge tax returns can be daunting so we take all the stress out of lodging your return by:

  • Reminding you when its due

  • Helping you get together as many deductions as possible to maximise your tax refund

  • Applying any exemptions or tax relief under your 417 & 462 visa status

  • Preparing and lodging your tax return for you annually, complying with all Australian tax laws and 417 & 462 Visa conditions

  • We process your refunds directly to your bank account

  • Being your point of contact for all your tax needs, also providing you a postal address for all your Australian Taxation Office correspondence because you don't always live in the same place

When you are ready to leave we can also help you lodge an early tax return to get your refund before the normal tax year end and apply to get your superannuation refunded.

Before processing your 417 or 462 Visa tax return we need to know:

1. Your Visa status:

If you are a working holiday maker if you have either of these visa subclasses:

- 417 (Working Holiday)

- 462 (Work and Holiday).

You can check your visa status using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online service.


2. If you are a Residency for tax purposes:

Most people who come to Australia for a working holiday or to visit will remain foreign residents for tax purposes. This includes people on visa subclass 417 (Working Holiday) or 462 (Work and Holiday) (backpackers). 


Work out your residency status for tax purposes

Once you have checked your visa status and tax residency, please include these details when you click on the lodge my tax return below.

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