Doing your Tax Return if you have lost your group certificate or PAYG payment summary

What is a PAYG Payment Summary?2010 PAYG Payment Summary

If you have received payments from your employer during the year, you should receive a pay as you go (PAYG) payment summary from your payer (employer). This should be received within 14 days from 1 July each year. The payment summary will show the total payments you received and total amounts withheld for the financial year. Payments may include income earned from part-time or casual work.

Examples of payments received include:

  • salary
  • wages
  • commissions
  • bonuses.

The PAYG payment summary will include all of the following:

  • your gross income from that payer
  • total tax withheld
  • your payer’s Australian business number (ABN) or withholding payer number (WPN).

You need the information on your PAYG payment summary to complete your tax return.

What do you do if you have you lost your PAYG Payment Summaries from your previous employment?

Contact your payer and ask your payer to give you a signed copy of your payment summary.

We can get access to your payment summaries dating back to 1996.


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8 Responses to Doing your Tax Return if you have lost your group certificate or PAYG payment summary

  1. Shane Goodchild says:

    I have yet too recive apayment summary from and employer whom has now closed it doors. This bussines name was Hot Shot Express located in Maddington Peth, 6110.

  2. Ashleigh Nunns says:

    Hi my Name is Ashleigh Nunns and i am from New Zealand and can not get hold of my old employer to get a PAYG or group certificate…
    how can i do a tax return without one?

  3. Cameron Hackney says:

    Previous employer at cafe is refusing to submit group certificate for 2011.

  4. The Tax Accountant says:

    By law your previous employer must submit your group certificate by 14 August 2011.

  5. Amanda Jones says:

    im amyet to receive my group certificate from my previous enployer & after many request still has not been ent… I also took out super & PAID A HIGH TAX RATE which is also not sent…

  6. paul bryant says:

    i dont have group certificates for the past four years . can you help me please
    paul bryant
    0420 745 009

  7. nardia smith says:

    how long will it take to get a group cert sent to you if you have to aply to the taxation office for it ?

  8. The Tax Accountant says:

    It can take between two weeks and a month to get copies of your PAYG group certificates.

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